Planning the Future of Castle Pinckney A Long-term Heritage Preservation Effort ~ October 2012

Planning the Future of Castle Pinckney
A Long-term Heritage Preservation Effort

Castle Pinckney Historical Preservation Society

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The primary purposes of this heritage preservation effort are to protect the site from inappropriate development and to preserve it as a community asset.  On October 12, 2012 the Castle Pinckney Historical Preservation Society held an internal workshop to begin a formal planning process that will guide actions and activities over the long term.  The Society recognizes that this planning process requires flexibility, and that the process will be iterative in nature, with goals and objectives subject to re-evaluation and revision as circumstances change over time.  Planning goals and objectives are linked to a variety of factors, including but not limited to, knowledge about extant resources, funding available to execute preservation and interpretive tasks, and the general goals and objectives of the organization.

This document is a record of the results of that October 12 workshop.  It is the first product coming out of the planning process that will guide a long-term heritage preservation effort.  The Society recognizes the scope and magnitude of this effort, but realizes as well the value of the effort to the Charleston community.  It is a responsibility the Society gladly accepts.

A simple methodology was used to facilitate the workshop:  What does the organization want to see as tangible products at the end of 2013, and what does it want to see at the end of 2018 (five years)?  These tangible products fell into four categories: preservation, interpretation (public education and awareness), public use, and research studies.  These tangible products are referred to as desired future conditions.

Following an animated discussion and debate, the workshop produced the following results:

Statement of purposes for taking possession of the property.

Reconfirmation of a mission statement. General goals.

Desired future conditions at the end of one year and five years.

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Purposes for Acquiring the Property:

1. Protect this cultural resource from inappropriate development that would alter and reduce its historic character and identity.

2. Preserve the site and its historic resources.  Restore a limited number of missing features, where adequate historic documentation is available, and where required to achieve interpretive goals.

3. Create and foster physical site conditions that allow current and future generations of Americans to appreciate the historical significance of Castle Pinckney.

Mission Statement:

Castle Pinckney, situated in the middle of Charleston Harbor, is one of the oldest fortifications of its kind still extant.  Over two hundred years old, it was built to provide defense of the coast of a new and great country.  The Castle Pinckney Historical Preservation Society is dedicated to the general preservation of the fort, and the feasible and appropriate restoration of some of its lost features.  The purpose of this heritage preservation effort is to reestablish the historical significance of this resource.  This effort will allow citizens and visitors to better understand the role the site and Charleston harbor played in the history of the City of Charleston and in the greater sweep of American history at large.


General Long-term Goals for the Heritage Preservation Effort:

 1. Stabilize the structure and preserve its character defining features and its historic fabric to the greatest extent possible.

2. Interpret Castle Pinckney’s historical significance.

3. Mitigate life and health safety hazards.

4. Facilitate public access to the site.










Desired Future Conditions for Interpretation at the end of 2013:

1. Install a flagpole on the site.  Selection of the pole location will be based on recommendations of the above mentioned interdisciplinary team.

2. Create an IRS 501(c)3 exemption.

3. Mobilize the Society internally to actively support this long-term preservation effort.

4. Produce and publish a popular history of Castle Pinckney.

5. Produce public relations products for public consumption.  Immediately create a website that will describe and illustrate this heritage preservation effort, and provide a variety of information.

Desired Future Conditions for Public Access at the end of 2013:


Desired Future Conditions at the end of 2018 (five years):

1. An efficient and effective funding raising campaign is in place and producing significant results.

2. There will be limited public access to the site.

3. The recommendations and cost estimates made by the interdisciplinary team in their 2013 report continue to be studied, and have been refined to provide greater and more effective guidance.  All “low hanging fruit” recommendations have been advanced, implemented and achieved.

4. Implement structural integrity stabilization work.

5. A planning workshop is conducted every October to assess current conditions at the site, and assess the current circumstances of the organization.  The mission, general goals, and desired future conditions are revisited.




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